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AS AN ACADEMIC                   as an adman

Nizar for me was always a sure bet. Quite unfair for all the other creatives at JWT, since I always tried to pull strings to get a brief to him. It isn’t rocket science, his team delivered consistently, with least friction and best output. I always though that the best creatives are the ones that can double as strategic planners. Nizar and Ash (his partner) were just that. Creatives that used both sides of their brains to deliver solutions, not just a single frame. I loved every piece of work they did and I loved working with them (Ironically, creatives don’t really like it when “suits” contribute, for obvious reasons), but with them, they let me in, at times even, as if in celebration, they hand me the cherry, to put on top. If there is anything I would really miss is Nizar and Ash, if I had to leave JWT. Nizar has the maturity, the depth, the non-judgmental and enlightened personality to take agencies places, no matter what size and I’m not just talking creative.
— Omar Kabbani // Currently Managing Director at Lighthouse UAE
It is difficult to fond a creative person who has a good balance of art and copy. But how about one who can write good copy, give valuable inputs on art AND write power point slides to sell that too!! That is Nizar for you! What I appreciate the most about Nizar is the thoroughness of thinking - ideas that are bang on brief and as effective as they are creative. I really enjoyed working with you on the magnum opus pitches! You bring a lot of positive energy, that is difficult to describe.
— Neeraj Bassi // Currently Chief Strategy Officer at Cheil India
Working with Nizar and his teammate Ash is an inspiring experience. It’s a chance to dig deep into consumers’ insights as well as to explore new exciting possibilities to communicate. Their talent, culture, passion and integrity are a breath of fresh air and make them the team you want on any important Brand.
— Alessandro Antonini // Currently ECD and Global Creative Director at Leo Burnett
In 16 years in the business, I can safely say that I have worked with only a handful of creatives in the middle east and Europe whose talents match that of Nizar Swailem. his unique combination of strategic and creative abilities is rare enough, but coupled with his almost childlike excitement at every project he tackles it makes him an utter joy to work with. a person with his intelligence is an already ideal sparring partner for planners and client servicing alike, and his experience in the latter field give him the uncommon characteristic of being able to listen, evaluate and discuss rather than the all too common immediate and outright rejection of his counterpart’s opinion. beyond the brief, Nizar always managed to surpass my expectations of creative interpretation. he takes the idea into directions and heights that are both inspiring and compelling, never losing sight of the big picture. one would think in a person so strategic and creative, the attention to detail would suffer. not so. Nizar is a perfectionist who cannot sleep until every i is dotted until every t is crossed, and all that very esthetically packaged in a neat little red box. All this to say Nizar is one of the few partners I have worked with who always leaves me with the sense of knowing exactly why I got into the business in the first place.
— Maria Iskandar Maalouf // Independent Marketing and Advertising Professional