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Nizar took an interest in Academia post his MBA with the University of Liverpool, and after realizing that some of his greatest achievements were reflected in the growth and feedback of his teams and colleagues through the various training models that he has put together over the yeas. His academic career has graduated him from the following institutes in the disciplines of Marketing, International Business, Storytelling, Innovation, Situational Management, and most recently, Leadership, Change Management, and Digital & Precision Marketing.

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His independent career saw more of his time dedicated to teaching advertising and marketing to both students and career shifters in Dubai, and he has already seen 3 batches of advertising and marketing students graduate from EMDI into the market till date. Nizar is currently looking to expand his scope of teaching to include universities and institutes in Dubai, including guest lectures in both English and Arabic with other education institutions around the region.



Nizar is also certified to deliver world leading training programs, such as the Leadership Circle, as well as develop his own training and development programs that are certified by both the UnBox Collective and TCCBI.